The Advantages of Natural Roofing Slate

Natural roofing slate:

  • is guaranteed to last longer than the expected life of the building.
  • has a proven method of application and fixing which has withstood the test of time.
  • is available in several distinct finishes, each type being completely different in either colour, texture, thickness or some combination of these three. The colour is stable, and each batch of slate has its own individual character due to the natural markings.
  • is relatively light in comparison with most other forms of roof coverings, thus showing considerable savings in the cost of the roof sub-structure.
  • can be laid to roof or vertical slopes and is sufficiently versatile to incorporate sharp designs, angles and pitches and withstand extreme exposure to the elements.
  • is available in other forms and finishes for paving, sills, claddings, copings, floors, walls etc.
  • is non-porous and allows a faster flow of water off a roof than any other comparable form of material.
  • has a very high resistance to both acid and alkali chemicals, is completely fire resistant, and it not affected by fungus, moss, insects, animals or birds.
  • in not affected by extremes of temperature and is therefore suitable for any climate.